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Claim Management Service

As per the mandate, insolvency professionals shall verify every claim, as on the insolvency commencement date, within seven days from the last date of the receipt of the claims, and thereupon maintain a list of creditors containing names of creditors along with the amount claimed by them, the amount of their claims admitted and the security interest, if any, in respect of such claims, and update it. Further Insolvency Professional is required to file list of creditors with the Adjudicating Authority

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Claim Acceptance and Acknowledgement

Claim Management team helps insolvency professional to make right decision while examining the application of claim. We make sure that right and complete claims are accepted to safeguard the interest of all stakeholeders of the corporarte debtor

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Claim Examination

Claim examination is most important area before admitting any claim. We help insolvency professional to verify the claims in compliance with applicable laws in force. Our team of fraud and investigation helps the insolvency professionals to identify instances of fraudulent claims, if submitted.

Verification and Additional Information

We ensure that each claim is verified after throw examination and collection of the documents necessary to substantiate the amount of claim. We ensures that each is admitted only after receipt of concrete and evident document.

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Reporting Admitted Claims

During the insolvency process any claimant can submit its claim maximum upto 90 days from the date of commencement of insolvency process. Our team of claim verification process ensures that regular status of admitted claims is shared with the insolvency professional to take timely decision and ensure compliance of the directions laid the code.

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