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Asset Control & Protection Services

As per sec-25(2)(a), resolution professional must take immediate custody of assets and business records of the company after appointment as resolution professional. We ensure that IRP/RP is able to get consolidated service under one roof. We also ensure protection of company’s assets through the team of active and alert personnel.

Asset Protection & Prevention

We ensures that highly skilled and strong team of security guards are deployed for the protection of assets of the corporate debtor to prevent from any thief of any goods, furniture, spares or machinery. The team of security guards also prevent the factory or office premises of the corporate debtor from dissenting labour attacks, employees attack or from any intentional attack to other crucial assets of the company.

Monitoring & Controlling of Assets

We establish independent CCTV surveillance system at factory or office premises of the corporate debtor to track each event and information which could be necessary for the insolvency professional. The team on regular basis report to the insolvency professional with detailed description of the any special event identified during the day. This helps the insolvency professional to collect evidence for activities done by any person against the direction of the code.

Maintenance of Assets

Asset will become valueless if they are not maintained well on time. In order to prevent the life of asset and preserve rightful value for the stakeholder of the company, our team of engineers ensures that heavy machines or other parts are tested on timely intervals to prevent from any huge running cost incurred after long period of shut down.

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