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Auction Services: Projects

Auction Services

We provide complete auction services starting from advertisement of the actionable assets till the realization of money from the successful bidder. With the help of market experts and network of agents at ground level, we try to achieve the best value of the distressed assets and give equal and fair chance to each participant.

1. Determination of Fair Market Value of Asset

In consultation of qualified experts and person in the filed, we identify possible price of the assets of the company. Our team take note of the views of the most of the connected and unconnected person, in order to collate the possible price for the asset.

2. Invitation of bids and finalization of bidder

With the network of various corporate entities, we make an effort to invite lot of participants to bid for the asset. The people in large makes more opportunity for  assets of the distressed company to fetch. The team carry out the auction and finalize the highest bidder

3. Realization from the bidder

We make sure that funds are realized well on time from the successful bidder and also ensures that asset is handed over to the participant after completion of all formalities

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