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Document Management Service

We provide storage space for the physical documents of the company at our well designed warehouses. The warehouses also helps the professional to send the copy of the documents stored, to any place as per his desire. The warehouses are designed in such a way that most of the review work of documents of the company is audit is carried at our warehouses.


It is always a difficult job to handle the physical data, our technical team creates digital copy of the physical documents and classifies them into specific group. The team after discussion with the owner of documents further classifies the data as per the future need of the user. The data is stored in the dedicated servers located in India

E-Warehousing &

We provide storage of documents of the clients on servers which are easily accessible through the user friendly interface. Our digital warehouses well designed and controlled by the team of IT professionals. Regular back-up of data increases the reliability and sustainability of the data

Physical Storage Space

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