GST Registration - Matters Under CIRP

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

Should a new registration be taken by the corporate debtor during the CIRP period?

The corporate debtor who is undergoing CIRP is to be treated as a distinct person of the corporate debtor and shall be liable to take a new registration in each State or Union territory where the corporate debtor was registered earlier, within thirty days of the appointment of the IRP/RP. Further, in cases where the IRP/RP has been appointed prior to the issuance of notification No.11/2020- Central Tax, dated 21.03.2020, he shall take registration within thirty days of issuance of the said notification, with effect from date of his appointment as IRP/RP.

Should the GST registration of corporate debtor be cancelled?

It is clarified that the GST registration of an entity for which CIRP has been initiated should not be cancelled under the provisions of section 29 of the CGST Act, 2017. The proper officer may, if need be, suspend the registration. In case the registration of an entity undergoing CIRP has already been cancelled and it is within the period of revocation of cancellation of

registration, it is advised that such cancellation may be revoked by taking appropriate steps in this regard.

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